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Full score + parts - $6.99

Styx is inspired by the river of the same name from Greek mythology, and Charon, the ferryman who carries the souls of the deceased from the realm of the living down into Hades. Set to the style of a barcarolle, the steady compound metre evokes the imagery of a slow-moving gondolier gliding through the water. The compound minor ninth, compound major seventh and diminished seventh in the opening bar threaten the stability of the predominant C minor tonal centre, creating a constant sense of unease throughout the piece. Light, reflective passages evoke the image of glistening water, before a more repetitive section begins at bar 29, with clashing dissonant harmony and eruptive dynamics foreshadow the arrival into the underworld. The section at bar 54 marks the arrival of the ferry into Hades’ realm, with broad, strong gestures representing the might of the god of the underworld. This fiery section melts away into the reflective material heard previously, before a return to the steady barcarolle material portrays Charon as he heads back the way he came.

c. 8 minutes

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