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Full score + parts

Available soon!

The Blue Marble is a response to two sources of inspiration – Walt Whitman’s poem, ‘Earth! My Likeness!’ and the return of Apollo 11 after the first moon landing. When reading Whitman’s poem, my thoughts were immediately drawn to the first photograph taken of planet Earth, now known as the Blue Marble, and the Project Apollo programme itself.

The principle focus of this work was the construction of soundworlds, rather than thematic development, in order to paint the vibrant picture intended. Extended techniques, such as multiphonics in the clarinet and jet whistles in the flute, are used to convey a sense of unfamiliarity, which is added to by the flexible metre guided by the improvisatory nature of the piano part.

‘EARTH, my likeness,
Though you look so impassive, ample and spheric there’

- Walt Whitman

c. 9 minutes

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