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Full score + parts - $3.99

Absolute began as a simple rhythmic idea in a 7/8 time signature and the false relation between A-flat and A-natural, and from there it developed into a piece of absolute music. Though not filled with melodic content, the driving force behind this piece is its rhythmic character, constantly shifting metre. The haunting middle section is where more expressive qualities can be found, with the rising and falling, breath-like pattern in the dynamics of the violin and viola. The character from the outer sections still creeps into this more lilting passage, however, in the form of the cello line, with snap pizzicatos to interrupt the flow of the upper instruments. The final section builds in texture gradually from a single pizzicato cello line, before reaching full tutti, bringing together the lyrical melody from the middle section and the strong rhythmic character from the opening.

c. 5 minutes

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