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Quick life update

Originally posted on the 17th of March 2022


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here - the past year has been quite a busy one! Since my last post I have completed my masters programme at Cambridge, which included composing a substantial portfolio and also writing an essay on the use of music notation software and the impacts this has on the compositional process of contemporary composers, I have started my new job as a piano and music theory teacher, and I have travelled to British Columbia, New York, and Stockholm in the past five months.

On the composition side of things, it has been quite strange not having to write for university submissions anymore - the first time this has been the case for four years! Despite this, having the freedom to write whatever I want seems to make it so much harder to actually get started. However, I am currently revising my piano trio, Chaos Theory, ready to be recorded by the critically-acclaimed Amatis Trio in the next few months, which is something I am incredibly excited for.

I have some other ideas in the works, including a piece for solo clarinet and looper, a solo piano suite of short pieces, and the remaining movements of my orchestral work Ragnarök, two movements of which were submitted in partial fulfilment of my masters, so there is plenty to keep me busy!

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