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Joseph Martin -

Joseph is is a composer, performer, and teacher based in Davis, California. He is a teacher of piano, clarinet, voice, composition, and music theory to all ages and abilities, and an accompanist for performances and exams. He holds an Undergraduate degree in music from Cardiff University, and a Master's degree in composition from the University of Cambridge.

Joseph Martin Composer Piano


Joseph's music is receptive to a wide range of influences, including the classical canon, Rock, Pop, and Musical Theatre. His grounding as a performer has led him to write extensively for acoustic instruments, pushing them further to develop different soundworlds in order to achieve his desired musical aesthetic. Joseph's music often takes on a programmatic nature, but is equally characterised by repetitive cycles, building in energy and complexity.


Joseph is available for education services as well as composition work, orchestration, part preparation and accompaniment for performances and exams

Piano Keyboard


Here Joseph writes about his compositional and general music-making activities, as well as any other topics that take his interest

Isil Simsek, Surrey UK

"Joe has been an incredible mentor to both my children, teaching my daughter grade 7 piano and GCSE music, and my son grade 5 theory and grade 6 piano.
Joe's exceptional qualifications, including his Masters degree from Cambridge, speak to his deep knowledge and expertise in music education. He is also warm and friendly. He is great at connecting with his students, creating an environment that is both nurturing and inspiring.
Under Joe's guidance, my children have not only excelled in their piano and music theory studies but have also developed a true passion for music. His patience and dedication had a profound impact on their musical journeys."


+1 (530) 979-3980

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